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So you've made the big leap and decided that the next member of your family is going to be a dog. Now you have to make another decision—what kind of dog are you going to adopt? You have three options here, and each one has something to offer.

The first option is to go for a purebred dog. That gives you control over some issues that may be important to you.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

For instance, you can pick for size. Do you want a tiny dog like a Chihuahua, a giant like a Great Dane, or something in between? Specific breeds also tend to have predictable temperaments and abilities; Saint Bernards are easygoing, but they are barkers, which they were bred for, while most hounds are great hunters and trackers. Such things as energy level and the tendency to shed are also specific to the breed. On the down side, purebred dogs are more likely to have physical problems such as hip dysplasia, and other genetic disorders, because of their frequently intense history of inbreeding.

The second option is a mixed breed dog—essentially the typical mutt that most of us grow up with and learn to love. With the mixed breed you don’t get to predict what the dog’s temperament, intelligence, physical size and talents will be. Adopting a mixed breed is a voyage of discovery and surprises, sometimes fun,and sometimes not so much. On the other hand, mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier, less prone to genetic problems, and on the whole have more easygoing temperaments. They also cost a lot less, especially the ones from animal shelters.

The third option is what has come to be known as a designer mixed breed. These are dogs that have been deliberately bred to combine the best traits from two, or sometimes three, purebred dogs.

Our Plus is that you can find each type of dogs here with pictures and complete Breed Profiles

Dog care is an infinite issue which is most comprehensively and precisely discussed here. The dog care covers all the aspects of the cares of the canines. Keeping with the view of the longings of the breeders we present the services in written form to train and make a responsible breeder who can care his dog/dam in well manner. Safety, health and all other necessary topics are covered in this part of the web.

Dog training is a complicated topic and every breeder want some tips to tame his pet. Here are many tips related training of pups. Tips of from basic training of dog to specialize training are given in the articles regarding training. It is true that Dog Breed Plus is not only a simple website but a Doctrine of breeding which covers all aspects of breeding.

Dog Care
Dog Training
Grooming CareDog obedience Training
Dog Health CareBehavioral Training of Dogs
Nutrition Care of DogsDog Agility Training
General Safety Tips Specialized Training

Learn about dog food Recipes which brings to you dog breed plus in easy way. A very precise and comprehensive list of dog’s food is given. It is compiled according to the dietary requirements of Dogs. Some of these food such as Dog Food How to Choose a Best Dog Food Dog Food Requirements A Healthy & Balanced Diet What to Feed a Puppy Adult Dog's Diet Senior Dog's Diet Dry, Moist and Semi Moist Dog Food Home Made Dog Food Does Treats.

A comprehensive dog breeding also discussed in the said website. We understand the breeder as we know ourselves. The spreading of knowledge about dog breed is our primary aim. It is as easy as you think. Here discussed every aspect of the dog breeding according to the wish and the choice of a breeder. Breeding is not easy as we know but we have strived to write easy and helpful articles for interested new and responsible breeders too.

Dog Food
Dog Breeding

A list of beautiful names (as you can image) of the dogs is also prepared. If you have not yet decided a beautiful name for your dog/dam please visit dog breed plus and chose a name from the list. It is pleasure to us to provide to the best name for you dog/dam which will ever new and easy to call.

Male Dog NamesFemale Dog NamesGood Dog Names
Dog NamesBoy Dog NamesGirl Dog Names
Cute Dog NamesBlack Dog NamesWhite Dog Names
Popular Dog NamesFunny Dog Names Hunting Dog Names
Great Dog Names

At the last when a dog breeder familiarize to the methods of Dog breeding, mating, whelping and etc then here is a opportunity to participate in the contest which are held during each year by Dog Breed Plus. A dog can be winner and may be awarded by a prize if a breeder participates whole heartedly in the contest. Soon after launching of the website in real shape the contests will start in near future.

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